I love the physical aspect of working with wood.  It’s my perfect day - outside sawing, planing, carving, shaping, and hand-sanding a variety of wood.  Each piece is so unique and exciting to shape and explore. Multiple layers of mineral oils and beeswax really enhance the wood’s distinct grain pattern.  I am thrilled and amazed by the natural beauty and feel of each finished piece.

Serving Boards

Handcrafted serving/cutting boards are made from 2” thick American dark walnut and myrtle wood.  These thick, solid boards show off the cross-section of the wood.  Some of the boards are live-edge timbres which include the wood’s natural bark.

Wash with a mild soap and periodically oil with a paper towel to rehydrate the wood.

    Small - approx. 11” x 12” x 2”          
    Large - approx. 11” x 16” x 2”          


These handsome scoops are awesome for scooping coffee grounds and loose tea as well as granola and other toppings.  The deep bowl and comfortable round handle highlights the beautiful wood grain.

Made from American dark walnut, birch or plum tree branches with live bark.   Please specify wood type.

    Small - 5 1/4” long with 1 1/2” diameter        
    Large - 7” long with 2 1/2” diameter         




Beautiful and simple.  Perfect for spreading butter or jelly on fresh artisan bread, crackers ... anything!  Hand-shaped, sanded, and sealed with a blend of beeswax and mineral oils.  

    Approximately 7” long and 1” wide    


Hand-carved, sanded, well-oiled. Beautiful and functional. Great for cooking or in pairs to toss fresh greens.

Approximately 12” long and 3” wide