Hand-knit items always feel special because they have the maker’s love built into each stitch.  When I admire something knit by hand, I imagine the knitter’s hands silently creating the perfect gift for another person.  I enjoy the quiet, reflective process of knitting as much as I do the physical, messy aspect of woodworking.

Hand-knit Socks

Soft, hand-painted 100% merino wool yarn.  I love knitting with this yarn.  I have given over 100 pairs of these socks to wonderful people over the years.  Super comfortable and warm.  Hand-wash with mild soap in cool water, lay to dry.   In a range of neutrals, including aqua and turquiose blues, emerald and forest greens, marbled green, brown and grey tones.



Hand-knit Beanies

Superwash neutral-colored merino wool.  This beanie is warm yet comfortable and won’t flatten your hair!  Perfect when you want to stay warm or wind-free yet don’t want to commit to “hat hair” for the entire day.  One size fits all.  8” from top to bottom.  Hand-wash with mild soap in cool water, lay to dry.